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iPhone menu bar problem


iPhone menu bar problem



I have a slight problem with displaying menu bar on all pages other than home page on android.


When I look on my android, website looks perfect.  But as soon as I go to a different page, the menu bar disappears.  All I have is text links.  Problem is database related.  If i redirect to a more recent empty database from a new install, it works fine for all pages.  But if I use the populated previous database, I get the problem.  Seems to be something rather simple to correct.


Any ideas?

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Re: iPhone menu bar problem

I think I may have found a bug......




default Category (17)

-->CATEGORY-A (9)             (displays iphone format properly even with 2 col design)

------>SubCategory1 (1)      (does not display 2 col design in iphone format)

------>Subcategory2  (1)      (ditto)

------>Subcategory3  (1)      (ditto)


------>Subcategory9 (1)       (ditto)

-->CATEGORY-B  (8)           (iphone does not display 2 col design properly in iphone format)

-->CATEGORY-C (0)            (ditto)

-->CATEGORY-D (0)            (ditto)


It seem as though any category that has no subcategory will not display itself in iphone format if the category design is other than single column or blank format.


Can be seen here on android.






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