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inserting facebook widget on checkout page

inserting facebook widget on checkout page

 Sorry - basic question from someone who can add products/change pics but not much more! We are advertising on facebook and I would like to add a FB pixel to our checkout page (


Checkout doesn't appear in list of pages so obviously I need to look elsewhere but is there any chance someone could tell me where to find it - and where to add the pixel? FB says add to Head of page but that isn't shown in magento.



Re: inserting facebook widget on checkout page

If it's checkout conversions that you're looking to track, I think you'll need to get a developer involved as the pixel will change depending on the basket/order so that information on the specific order can be sent through.


If you're comfortable installing an extension it seems like there are a few on Magento 1 that could help you looking at the Marketplace:


On the other hand, if it is static piece of javascript, i.e. it doesn't need to change on each page and still needs to go on a specific page then one work around would be to create a new static block and put the javascript in it. Save that, and then go to CMS Widgets. This functionality in magento allows you to place specific widgets in specific locations on specific pages which can be very useful. One type of widget gives you the option of selecting a static block. So you could use the widget to select your new static block. Some information on widgets available here:


Hope that helps. 

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