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issue the Magento check out

issue the Magento check out



I was hoping that there is some one that can help me, I have been have and issue the Magento check out. The issue is that when I fill in the customer details I am moved on to the Shipping Method, once I select the method and hit “Continue” I’m sent back to the cart. I read all the posts out there and I have tried them along with the one posted on this site and nothing works. I tried other One Step” type modules and they hang any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m running Magento 1.9.1 and the RWD theme


Re: issue the Magento check out

Hi @tran_ha13,


There is a public URL you can share?

Did you enabled the Magento's logs? You should check those logs (and also the webserver error log).

If you are being redirected probably you're getting an error.

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