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magento 1.9 subscribe/unsub runs slow

magento 1.9 subscribe/unsub runs slow


Ubuntu 14.04

MySQL 5.6


When users subscribe or unsubscribe from a newsletter, it's taking over a minute for the site to respond.  


Enabled myQSL logs.  I can see the delay between SQL calls, all of the queries/updates run in milliseconds when executed manually.  Looked for slow queries and none were logged.  Enabled debug profiling but it doesn't show anything running for too long - I think it's displaying the profile data for the page that renders after submission is complete.   Seems to be in the code somewhere, but not sure what else to enable/debug to further t-shoot the issue.  


System resources look good.  Mostly idle CPU 95%+ idle.  Memory ok.  Other functions in the store/site work ok.


Any help appreciated.  Thanks.


Re: magento 1.9 subscribe/unsub runs slow

Hi @JWCollection,


Are you using some 3rd-party system to handle your email marketing o subscription lists?


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