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magento - paypal integration, payment amount conflicts

magento - paypal integration, payment amount conflicts

wondering if anyone can help.

Im having a problem with our magento - paypal integration.

When a visitor on the website uses a discount code. The amount paypal collects is usually a different amount than shows in the magento order.

This then flags up a fraudulent/suspicious transaction from magento as the total amounts are different.

For example Item ordered on website is £135.00 inc VAT (20%) Discount code used (10% off) saving £13.50 Total amount to be paid is £121.50

So paypal should be collecting £121.50.

However this is what paypal are being told to collect.


amt=119.25 <<<- this is the amount PayPal captured for the total sale (should include shipping and taxes if known).
shipdiscamt= -13.50



Anyone got any ideas why this is happening and how I can correct this issue.

Many thanks

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