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mail chimp cadence labs popup not working

mail chimp cadence labs popup not working

dear fellow magento friends


could you please give me some help

last night i installed cadence labs mailchimp popup

followed all the instructions perfectly on this page


but the install is not working at all


so i contacted cadance labs for support and they said they do not give out support as the product is free but they would help me for $100 an hour with a one hour minimum charge.


i would of prefered if they charged me for the product and gave me support as it would not cost $100 +


seems a little unfair , developers deserve to get paid afterall but not in a deceptive way.


does anyone know what i should check to find a solution ?


kind regards






Re: mail chimp cadence labs popup not working

in order to resolve this problem , i found it was related to a default mod security rule need access to WHM

2.goto mod security rules tab should see the actual rule pop up multipule times in the list on the rule , i clicked on newest rule in the list

6.then untick the enable rule button

7.hit the save button


job done