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missing data in sales orders

missing data in sales orders

I am running Magento


I have a random problem where the customer's email, account ID, first name and last name are not being written to the table sales_flat_order Also table sales_flat_order_grid the customer ID missing. This results in the email address not being recorded in Sales\Orders - account information and the sales order not being linked to the customer's account.


The missing data values can be manually entered.


I am not sure how to fix this issue


Re: missing data in sales orders

I've got the same problem and I've been trying to debug for hours. So far I think it happens because of the Persistent feature (as other said the bug disappeared after they disabled the persistent feature) but we would really need a hand here from someone from Magento as this becomes a real issue with the latest Magento releases. Also, because no email address and name is not stored, the Order Email confirmation is not working either (if no email in the database, then of course the system doesn't know to whom to send the email).


If anyone finds anything, the help/fix will be greatly appreciated.