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mouse over zoom not working in magento

mouse over zoom not working in magento

i'm a user of the theme themeforest-12594446-bigmart-pages-builder-magento-theme,i have some proplem ,hope you can help me.
1. when i add a test product,i found that
Whatever I choose which additional images, then click the pic,it will always show me the first pic

2. the images zoom invalid sometime.

3.the "add to cart" button at the products list page have some problem,when i use IE and firfox,it display well,but when i use Chrome or Opera it is unusual
(this is open by opera and Google Chrome)
(this is open by firefox and IE)

you can view my test product by this link

I hope to provide my custom the perfect Photo Gallery​,hope you can help me !

best regards for you !