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onestepcheckout redirects to cart on place order

onestepcheckout redirects to cart on place order

I'm experiencing a "Familiar" issue, as far as I've been able to google and search on the forums, however, neither of the attempts listed, has resolved the issue for me.


We are running on the newest available Magento version through Firegento (


I'm developing a new platform an american client, and I've attempted to set up paypayl payment pro, and using onestepcheckout. We have a very specific setup for checkout, where the client is not able to select payment nor shipping method, and all checkout needs to run through Paypal, so I have "preset" paypal express checkout through onestepcheckout and removed the block for choosing shipping method in the checkout interface.


However, when I attempt to place my order, I get redirected to the cart page, this process is fairly swift, but it leaves me there, if I go back in my checkout, I can just repeat the process.


I'm thinking that I'm getting rejected from Paypal or alike, however, I'm not certain. I've now spent just past 12 hours attempting to solve this problem on my own, so any help (at all) that would bring me towards the right ballpark would be awesome!