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payment process error when using ssl

payment process error when using ssl

Hello, we are having problems with our magento store, we have two exact copies of the store, one using ssl and another without, we are also using realex payment gateway, on the store without ssl the payment gets processed and then redirects back to the store with payment successful message as expected, but on our secure store the payment gets processed and then we get the following message.


‘Your transaction has been successful but there was a problem connecting back to the merchant’s web site. Please contact the merchant and advise them that you received this error massage.’


if anybody has any ideas it would be much appreciated.


Thanks, Brian

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Re: payment process error when using ssl

Re: payment process error when using ssl

we are not using the same realex plugin used in that link but i think you have identified the problem, many thanks for your time

Re: payment process error when using ssl

I'm having this exact problem when using ssl on my store.


Could you share your solution?


Thank you

Re: payment process error when using ssl

It took a long time to establish a likely cause, each party the payment extension developer, bank, host as ourselves, all believed the individual part they had control over was working and configured correctly.


The bank was unable to contact the response page on our website, despite their assurances and months of frustration, testing on another host revealed that the hosting company was the cause. They had moved our working site earlier in the year to another server. It appears that there must be some settings/configuration that even they are not even aware of that is preventing the response from going through.


They still dispute that the server/hosting is at fault, can find no reason why it wouldn't work, and in testing the response page themselves believe there is no issue. I would recommend that anyone having similar issues tries another host asap.


Also remember to have different installations of Magento starting at different Order ID's, because it will make a mess of your live site otherwise.


Regards Chad