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paypal pending status after changing server

paypal pending status after changing server

Hi everyone, i hope this is the right section, if not please correct me.

My magento is v 1.7 and it worked fine until few days ago, for several reasons we had to move to a new host, everything seems ok but we are facing an issue linked to the paypal purchasing method.

From the day we changed server an order payed with paypal remains in the "pending" status and nor me or the costumer receive the order e-mail, even if paypal completes it and notifies that a payment has been made.
After contacting the host support they told me that the problem could be due to the php versione, theirs is 7.0.26, and the old one was 5.3.28.

Before changing php version we were trying to find a different solution, any idea?

I hope i've been enough clear, if not i'll be here for answering your questions.


Re: paypal pending status after changing server

Magento 1 isn't compatible with PHP 7 so this could well be the problem. There are tools out there to help Magento become compatible with PHP 7 but even these only advertise compatibility with Magento 1.9 


The fastest solution will be to downgrade your PHP to the same version.

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