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plugins do not work with themes

plugins do not work with themes

Good evening everyone, sorry for my english but I write with translate.
I have a big problem: I purchased the marketplace extension of cedcommerce with about 20 plugin (matrix rate shipping, attribute vendor, group gift, paypal adaptive, multishipping etc ...). I bought a theme marketdeal on Envato, when I loaded a product static block in frontend disappeared. I asked the support and they told me that it was the fault of the plug, the plug-owners said it was the fault of the thema owners, so I bought another theme. The problems continue, try to change the layout of the theme from the backend but the changes are not performed, the owners continue to share the blame, who should I contact to see exactly which code is wrong? thanks so much everyone


Re: plugins do not work with themes

Hi @rushgo, without looking at either - most likely the extension is using blocks that the theme is not accounting for. You'll need to first determine what those blocks are and then go in to the actual code of the theme to make the changes.


If you want to test this, see if the extension works as expected with just the default Magento theme.


Community Manager, Magento
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