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problem with the „shopping cart“.

problem with the „shopping cart“.



we have following problem with the „shopping cart“.


Sometimes our wholesale customers (customer a) don´t finish their orders at the same day or right away.

Ordered items remain in the shopping cart.

Another customer (customer b) orders one item/style which customer (a) put in his shopping cart.

Customer (b) checks out. Available units of ordered item decreased.

Customer (a)s requested units, which are already in shopping cart, are not available anymore.

Customer (a) cannot go to his shopping cart! He cannot resume with his order.

If he moves his pointer to “shopping cart” button, a blank field appears.


This is not a theoretical problem, only. This actually occurred a couple of days ago.

We have to find a way that customer (a) can go to his shopping cart, to resume his order.


How can we fix this problem?