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"Too many redirect loops" issue

"Too many redirect loops" issue

We have recently started redirecting a bunch of links on htaccess and it turns out some of our redirects for a reason which i am not familiar with have started going down. 


I have checked for duplicate values which there are is one of the links that does not work and has the "too many redirect loops" issue.


Checking the URL on, we can see that there are 19 301 redirects all made to the same URL?!?


Anyone here familiar with this issue and would know how to solve it? 


Re: "Too many redirect loops" issue

I had the same issue, for me it was because I had re-installed Magento and previous had  'Use Secure URLs in Admin', 'Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)' and 'Upgrade Insecure Requests' to 'Yes'. Wiping browser cache let me regain admin access on most devices.