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restoring deleted product attributes


restoring deleted product attributes

hello -- a user accidentally deleted the following product attributes:

  • tad_special_price
  • tas_special_price
  • tad_special_from_date
  • tas_special_from_date
  • tad_special_to_date
  • tas_special_to_date

as a result, price re-indexing is failing, 'manage attributes' in admin doesn't load at all, and new products aren't showing on the website at all (this issue may or may not be related).


any advice on restoring the deleted attributes?


i don't have access to the database snapshot because my snapshots are set to delete after 7 days and this issue arose 10 days ago (d'oh). even if i did, i'm not 100% sure which tables that product attributes touch so it would probably be a risky/incomplete fix anyway.


but even so -- since it seems like these attributes are part of the core implementation, is there a boilerplate schema somewhere i could replicate to get the attributes back?


or some other way you'd recommend?


as a side-note, i find it disturbing that magento didn't warn the user that deleting those attributes would be a breaking change. with that said, i'd be surprised if no one has ever faced this issue before!


Re: restoring deleted product attributes

i was able to partially resolve the issue by reinserting the 3 rows corresponding to special_price, special_to_date, and special_from_date from the development database.


so pricing re-indexing works now.


but the 'manage attributes' page still throws an error. maybe it's because of something else.

Re: restoring deleted product attributes turns out that i had left some cruft behind in app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Catalog/Product/AttributeController.php that was causing the error.


replaced it with a fresh copy from github and i'm back in business.


i'm new to magento and it's a sprawling mass of code and it's not easy but since i'm managing to answer my own questions, i think this is a good sign Smiley Happy