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/reviews/sales/order/history/ Google crawl error


/reviews/sales/order/history/ Google crawl error

Hi !


so i just added my website to my google account.


its showing up around 90 crawl errors (links not found)

everytime its a 404 error, link goes to :   productname/reviews/sales/order/history/


does anybody have a idea, how to fix this. 



 EDIT: Found this solution :

should this work (htaccess) ?

Disallow: /sales/order/history/


thankyou in advance !


Re: /reviews/sales/order/history/ Google crawl error

I would go ahead and play with your robots.txt file to become more knowledgeable in what Google is crawling.


Here is a great example of one:


Note: Every Magento site will have variations to their robots.txt file based on what they need.

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