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slow loading time : registration - subscription newsletter - ...

slow loading time : registration - subscription newsletter - ...


I don't know if i need to post my question overhere.

But we have a new website based on the Magento Sahara Theme (by plaza themes)

The developers have done some customization but didn't touch the code to create account etc.

The site loads fast.

There is just a big problem when you need to make an account, subscribe to the newsletter, ... It takes at least 90 seconds. 

Before the action is done on the frontend, you have already your inscription in the backend.


The second thing is, we don't receive confirmationmails/ we work with smtp.

Can it be a problem of the hosting as the developer don't find immediately issues.

On the other side the hostingcompany says, it has nothing to do with them.


Thx for a reply!