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validation script ReferenceError

validation script ReferenceError

Hi All ,

I got the following error some time in my website and after refreshing the page its work fine ..

with the validation script ReferenceError: validateOptionsCallback is not defined at eval (eval at updateCallback (, :1:1) at Function.updateCallback ( at Function.test ( at eval ( at eval ( at eval ( at Array.forEach () at Array.each ( at Array.all ( at Function.validate (


would someone guide me what's wrong or how can i solve this issue . 


Re: validation script ReferenceError



Can you please check how many times jQuery Added on site


If it is added after prototype then call before prototype and add jQuery.noConflict();


Hope it will work for you.


If it will work then mark as solution.

Re: validation script ReferenceError

Do You mean that move the prototype call after calling all jQuery ??