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website redirected to multi free sites

website redirected to multi free sites

Hello Everyone,

I have created my website on C.E, and been online since last 4 to 5 years,, recently last months all of sudden my website and my Admin page is redirecting to some multi free sites page, please assist as i am geek and have made this site on my own with help and guides from this community then,


here below is the screenshot to what i am referring to,

eror page.jpg

please help i am trying to put my site back online,



albert gracias


Re: website redirected to multi free sites

Hello @albertgracias 

To remove this type of malicious redirect, download the entire site using an FTP program to your computer, and search for the offending javascript. If you have a development tool that allows you to scan all of the files on your site, you may find that this malicious redirect has been inserted in all of the javascript files on your site. Check for both .js and .json files, including core files, theme files, plugins, etc. Once you have cleaned all of the site files, upload the cleaned site back to the server.