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xmlrpclib.ProtocolError: 301 Moved Permanently

xmlrpclib.ProtocolError: 301 Moved Permanently

When trying to authenticate and login to magento, I am getting the following error:


xmlrpclib.ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for 301 Moved Permanently>



Unfamiliar with the xmlrpclib module or XML RPC but here are a few things I tried:


  1. I changed the url from HTTPS to HTTP... no luck
  2. Tried variations of the URL (with or without the www subdomain) ... no luck
  3. Verified that the APIKey and APIUsername are valid, they are.
  4. The website does have SOAP installed (I believe). Their api/v2_soap/?wsdl link is working


Not sure what this means. I have tried doing it with other websites I have access to and it is working just fine. Any insight would be helpful!