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1.9 rwd theme error

1.9 rwd theme error

Hi all..... I have the following set up.

Current Package Name    rwd

Templates                            mynewsite

Skin (Images / CSS)          mynewsite

(where mynewsite is simply the rwd design/frontend/rwd and skin/frontend/rwd, copied and renamed to 'mynewsite'.

This works well and displays everything as expected.

I want to rename the 'Current Package Name' to 'mynewsite', but when i do, i get an error (please see below)

What else do i need to 'copy' across to make this work correctly?

The reason for me wanting to rename the 'Current Package Name' to 'mynewsite', is to ensure i don't overight or mess up the original rwd theme code.


Thank you all in advance



Fatal error: Call to a member function getSortedChildren() on a non-object in /home/icouk/public_html/app/design/frontend/mynewsite/default/template/catalog/layer/state.phtml on line 36

Re: 1.9 rwd theme error

Reviewed your error and please follow the below steps:

  1. Please Copy the folder app\design\frontend\rwd and paste it. Then change the name of that particular folder to "mynewsite".
  2. Further copy folder of skin\frontend\rwd and paste it. Then change the name of that particular folder to "mynewsite".
  3. Later, follow the path: System >> configration >> General >> Design and change "Current Package Name" to "mynewsite" 
  4. Another tab i.e Theme tab, change all fields like Translations, Templates, Skin (Images / CSS), Layout, Default and then add the folder name "mynewsite".

This would resolve your package name error.


Let me know if you face any query/concern regarding this.

Query solved? Accept as Solution.Thanks
Eric Baily