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3rd party extension(s) not working on Ultimo

3rd party extension(s) not working on Ultimo

Hi people,


I'm running into problems here ... we've got the theme Ultimo installed, but it gives me headaches with installing 3rd party addons Smiley Sad Is there something I have to do / change / add by default? 


An example:

I installed this extension:

In the backend I can create custom forms and followed the manual to include the form inside a page with:


{{block type="formbuilder/frontend_form" name="frontend_form" form_id="1" template="formbuilder/form.phtml"}}

*(replace form_id with your form_id, see form_id from Admin panel > Form Builder menu > Manage Forms)


When I go to the specific page, there's no form displayed. I hope anyone can tell me where to look.