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AJAX add to cart in catalog, Column Count Layout and Size Chart Issues

AJAX add to cart in catalog, Column Count Layout and Size Chart Issues

Hi Guys, 

I am facing three issues on my website.  

Server: Nginx+PHP-FPM

Magento 1.9.2

Theme: Milano (the one that supports Magento 1.x not 2 )



1) I made some changes to the theme files which has done something to the Add to cart via AJAX. Now every time I click add to cart from the category page, instead of opening the popup it navigates to a separate page without any layout. I am not sure which code has broken this because I remember not altering any AJAX related code in the files.


2) Secondly, I want to change Column Layout in the category page to 2 Columns instead of 3. My theme only gives an option of Column Grid 3, 4 or Mosaic. I tried changing the Column Count from catalog.xml in both Anchor and Non-Anchor. But I didnt get any success. The only way I was able to get 2 column layout was altering the theme options file by adding another option there, adding option in product/view.phtml and two more files. But then the CSS is all messed up. I can fix the CSS but I am afraid it will disturb the functionality of the website. 


3) The theme has its own guide on how to add a size chart. I have done that but it is not responsive. I have kind of fixed it by decreasing the size of the image I am using in the size chart but its not perfect. Even adding a HTML table did not make it response. The theme uses prettyPhoto lightbox to display the size chart. 


Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you. 


Re: AJAX add to cart in catalog, Column Count Layout and Size Chart Issues

No idea about what problem in ajax add to cart.


Make your changes in the local.xml of your template folder to make sure they're not overwritten. If it doesn't exist you can go ahead and create it.

Then add:

   <reference name="root">
      <action method="setTemplate"><template>page/1column.phtml</template></action>

For size chart it will show some responsive css to be add follow this demo:

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