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Add Event Manager Slider to CMS Page

Add Event Manager Slider to CMS Page

I am using Magento and a template for my website. I also purchased Events Manager from FME so that I could add classes to my website. 


I can not figure out how to add the Slider Block that the Events Manager provides to a CMS page. The extension gives me the following directions:



Slider Block for CMS Page

{{block type="events/spBlock" name="events.block" template="events/spblock.phtml"}}

Copy this code and paste in desired CMS Page(s).


Slider Block for Templates

echo Mage::app()->getLayout() ->createBlock('events/spBlock') ->setTemplate('events/spblock.phtml') ->toHtml();

Place this code in desired Template(s) in php tags.".


I copied the Slider Block for CMS Page and pasted it in my Home Page CMS content at the bottom of the other content, but nothing shows up. I assume that I need to put the Slider Block for Templates code somewhere but I don't understand where to put it. 


Which template would I put it in? (If answering can you give me the complete navigation to where the template is stored? I'm still getting confused by the Magento directories and just trying to muddle through.)

How do you put it in php tags? (I think I found this when Googling - but just to be sure...)


Thanks for your help!


Re: Add Event Manager Slider to CMS Page

I was able to figure this out through trial and error.


The template file lives here:


I pasted the code in this template where I wanted the slider to appear with the <?php and ?>  php tags.:

<?php echo Mage::app()->getLayout() ->createBlock('events/spBlock') ->setTemplate('events/spblock.phtml') ->toHtml(); ?>

I was then able to edit the spblock.phtml file to tweak its appearance, that file lives here:


Maybe this can help someone else.