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Add images tot attribute options simple product

Add images tot attribute options simple product

 Hello people,


We have been searching for an answer to this question for quite some time but can't find it. The only answers we have found were  about colorswatches on configurable products but that is not what we need.


We are working on a new site in Magento with a child theme based on RWD. We would like to add a new attribute for simple products with the possibility to add images to the different attribute options. It is not like the color swatches on a configurable product, say for instance we want to create an attribute "manufacturer" with several names of manufacturers as options for that attribute. Is it possible to connect images with the different manufacturer's logos to the attribute options? The image should appear in the frontend on the product page with the selected manufacturers name. It should be a static element so it would for instance not be needed to select/change the color of the product.