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Add quantity in category list

Add quantity in category list



I am trying to build a demo website. One of the specific requirement is to be able to easily add products to cart most probably from the category list. See attached screenshots.




This were taken from another website and once I go to individual categories, I can just add to cart after clicking Buy button by changing quantity as well.


Can someone guide me, please?


Thank you.


Re: Add quantity in category list

Hello @SohailMega

You can try AJAX Shopping Cart extension

It will add an ability to add products to cart from category or product pages without any reloads. Additionally, after hitting "Add to Cart", a pop-up window where clients cab change the quantity appears.




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Re: Add quantity in category list

One more option for you to consider. We have QuickBuy - a handy ajax add to cart add-on. It allows to add products to cart on the category pages, search result page and cross sell list, without having to reload the page. 


You can check this add-on in some of our Magento themes, like Hawkstore, Kidsland, Siotis…to see if it is what you will consider. 


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