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Any template Wiz's out there?

Any template Wiz's out there?

I bought a template from template monster (I know...) never had trouble before so never needed their support (is none!). This is my first multi-store Magento setup so the issue is likely to be with that. The site I want the template on is and the banner and parallax isn't working. I decided to test it on another clean install, single site, and it works fine


To get my multistore to work I used symbolic links, see below.


Any idea's anyone? I've redone the template 3 times, checked all the pages and static blocks are setup and set to the rights stores.... I have run out of things to try, just after ideas? Would appreciate any!




 [~/]# ln -s ../public_html/traps/404/ ./404
[~/]# ln -s ../public_html/traps/var/ ./var
  [~/]# ln -s ../public_html/traps/skin/ ./skin
  [~/]# ln -s ../public_html/traps/report/ ./report
  [~/]# ln -s ../public_html/traps/media/ ./media
[~/]# ln -s ../public_html/traps/js/ ./js
 [~/]# ln -s ../public_html/traps/includes/ ./includes
 [~/]# ln -s ../public_html/traps/app/ ./app
 [~/]# ln -s ../public_html/traps/lib/ ./lib


This has been very frustrating, please help!