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CSS not loading properly


CSS not loading properly

I'm having a rough time with Magento. I spent a good deal of time going through the user guide on the Responsive theme, setting up Compass and editing SCSS files and whatnot, but was having the hardest time getting the changes to actually appear on the frontend.

I refreshed/flushed the cache, deleted contents of var/session and var/cache folders, I made sure the site was picking up the correct .css file under 'page source' in chrome.

It seemed like I could get the changes to apply if I changed 'merge css files' to yes, but even when the changes displayed if I made updates they wouldn't be pushed to the front end!

I changed the base URLs, however, and noticed that the secure URL for our site will load the correct .css and actually display the changes, while the unsecured URL says its loading the same .css file but NOT showing the changes.

I'm sure this is simple, but I'm going insane trying to figure out exactly what the problem is. Please let me know if you need more specifics from me!

Thanks a bunch, Jesse

Re: CSS not loading properly

Would it narrow down the cause of this issue if I added that the css files when I load them directly in the browser are different?


so when I look at



I see two different stylesheets...I can tell because the value of 'logo:hover' is 0.1 in unsecure URL & is 0.8 in secure URL.

Re: CSS not loading properly

Hi, Chrome have a cache also, clear cache on Chrome or try to see the css in other browser.

Re: CSS not loading properly

Hey thanks for the help but I figured out what was going on.  Our site is secured by an outside source and they have a full page caching feature which was enabled, once that was turned off and flushed the changes displayed!

Re: CSS not loading properly

Hello, I follow these tips and others more, but my problem persists, css does not load in the backend only, any suggestions?