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Caroussel Update Home page

Caroussel Update Home page



I'm currently workig on this website and I would like to update one of our caroussel which is Bikes - Hot Specials!

I don't know why but the second caroussel Accessories - Hot Specials! has been updated that suppose this one working well.

We are on Magento 1 

thanks a lot for your help



Re: Caroussel Update Home page

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Re: Caroussel Update Home page

To update the "Bikes - Hot Specials" carousel on the website, you will need to access the code that manages the carousel and make changes to it. This will likely involve updating the images and content being displayed in the carousel. If you have experience with web development, you may be able to do this yourself. If not, you may need to seek help from a web developer or contact the support team for the website's platform to assist you in making the changes.

It is not entirely clear from your post why the "Accessories - Hot Specials" carousel has already been updated and why you are having trouble with the "Bikes - Hot Specials" carousel. If you could provide more information or context, I would be happy to help further. Morevert you can get information about  bikes-hot special or serial numbers from this page.