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Category name: How to add a line break?

Category name: How to add a line break?

Dear all,


Our category names are generally ending up to be two lines long. I would like to clearly define which words are in the first and which are in the second line.Currently it looks always different depending on the browsers used.


A line break would help a lot, but I cannot manage to implement one. <br> , <br /> etc. did not work.



Any idea how to fix that?


Thank you soooooo much Smiley Happy


Best :-)


Re: Category name: How to add a line break?



.one-word-per-line {
    word-spacing: <parent-width>; 


where <parent-width> is the width of the parent element (or an arbitrary high value that doesn't fit into one line). That way you can be sure that there is even a line-break after a single letter. Works with Chrome/FF/Opera/IE7+ (and probably even IE6 since it's supporting word-spacing as well).

Re: Category name: How to add a line break?

Hi SuFe,


Thank you so much for your help!!! Very clever idea Smiley Happy


Unfortunately, I need more than one word in the first line Smiley Sad


For example I would like to show the following as category name:

Zuhause & unterwegs:
Mobile Notrufsysteme


Any idea how to solve this?


Or any chance to solve this by different formating within the category name? E.g.

Zuhause & unterwegs:
Mobiler Notrufknopf


Does anybody know if and how a different formating within a category name is possible?


Thank you!