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Change H1 category view content

Change H1 category view content

On my website, I'm proposing using a "filter" navigation instead of a category hierachy for the hyperlinks across the top level of the website.

For example.  All the category hierachy is setup beneath "kit car".  When you click on "cobra" at the top, this is actually a hyperlink to simulate you clicking on "kit car" and then filtering by "vehicle manufacturer : cobra"


This works fine for me, however the H1 tag on the category page says "kit car" and not "cobra".


I need an "if" statement in the view.phtml that says, 
if vehicle manufacturer = "" then 

 echo "the category name"


 echo "the vehicle manufacturer name"



I know the page knows who the vehicle manufacturer name is because this is displayed on the filter "You are Here" 


At the moment, i've only done this concept for the "cobra" top level category to prove the concept.  Can someone advise me on the code I need please.