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Changing layout of product list

Changing layout of product list

I am working on a website for a client who decided the layout should be a little bit different to what we had agreed on. Nice...


And though I can do quite a lot within the css I just cannot get my head around the whole setup of the way Magento builds its pages. So far searches online hasn't given me the information I need so I was hoping some of you could point me in the right direction.


Currently the list is as is known (minus some details I have already removed like tags, wishlist)



| Image | Name product | Price

| ............ | Description      | Add to cart



so, 1 column, repeated, with 3 rows


I do like the layout, but not the content... what I want to have is the following:



|Name product | Price | Add to cart



If anyone has a link for me which can explain it to me clearly how I can adjust this typical layout, I would be verrrrry happy!


Thanks in advance


Re: Changing layout of product list

Hi Brakoops,

You can create the custom layout using the 1column layout & apply it only for home page with required changes. 

First create extension with only config file in it: app/code/local/Namespace/AdditionalCmsPageLayouts/etc/config.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?> <config> <global> <page> <layouts> <custom_static_page_one> <label>Custom static page 1</label> <template>page/custom-static-page-1.phtml</template> </custom_static_page_one> </layouts> </page> </global> </config>

Then activate it: app/etc/modules/Namespace_AdditionalCmsPageLayouts.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Clear cache, add your page/custom-static-page-1.phtml template file or copy 1column file from default &rename it as above to your current theme and you’re done.

Once It is active you can see this new page in admin  > Manage Categories > Select category >Click Custom Design tab > Use Parent Category Settings > No >Select Custom static page 1 From Page Layout.> Save

Re: Changing layout of product list

What you're suggesting doesn't change the listing of products (ie the frontend grid list) and that's what I need.