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Cleaned up default theme

Cleaned up default theme

Hi there,


I am unable to find starter/base theme that has cleaned up code for "modern" use. I mean:

1. there is no <dd><dt> tags everywhere. in other words, it's fully rewriten to some moredern html structure, instead of default html strucure

2. based on bootstrap or equivalent grid layout and has easy refactor posibilities using mass replace to change "col m10" to "col-md-10" or something like that

3. product in product listing or widget has no useless 10 level nesting of html code (container > wrapper > container > col > wraper image > title > overlay > descirption,... etc)

4. built on section oriented html structure

5. has less/sass using bower/gulp

6. boostrap or equivlent is as much default as possible

7. has no bugs like div inside a span or paragraph


Maybe i want too much but everytime i face html of magento or  some bought or free theme  i need to facepalm.


Thank you


Re: Cleaned up default theme

1. Did you try to look for tag <dd><dt> in code of this module : block - controller