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Configurable Product Images

Configurable Product Images

I'm currently building a site for a furniture company and what I'm looking to do have 1 model of chair but with 2 different configurable parts, and depending on which 2 drop downs they choose.


Configurable Attribute 1:   A chair available in 3 different wood colours. (Natural, Darkwood and Mahogany)

Configurable Attribute 2:   The seat is available in 3 different colours. (Black, White & Blue)


So if a customer came along and picked the Natural wood, and blue seat it would show exactly that.

And the next customer came along and picked mahogany with a white seat.


All in 1 product, so we would need 9 photos in total, displaying all the different options.


Currently when I try this I can only display the photo of the wood colour chosen, and then when the seat colour is chosen the photo defaults back to the default wood colour option with the correct colour seat.


I would also like to point out the above works for one of the 2 options with swatches, but I want both to work.

Using version


Re: Configurable Product Images

Hello @MayfairFurni

You can try this extension, it will definitely work as you need.

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Re: Configurable Product Images