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Custom Product Display for streamlined ordering

Custom Product Display for streamlined ordering

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish.


First, I am creating a new "super" product item that will have multiple options and sub-options, most likely using one of the dynamic custom option extensions that are out there. The idea is to allow some customers who already know what they want to be able to easily order from this 1 "super" product, so they don't have to search through the different categories and sub categories to find the product(s) they want to order. All products are manufactured in house, so we don't need to worry about inventory levels and such. I've pretty much got this part of my project worked out, so I primarily need help with the next part (unless there's a way to do this that I haven't thought of in current Magento options, attributes, etc).


Second, I want to display just this "super" product on it's own. Most likely, somewhere in the header code or something along those lines, that will allow someone to order using this "super" product from any page, at any time. So it'll need to be able to display the different options and sub options right there without leaving the page. Primarily just want to display the options, don't need to show descriptions, main images, etc. Product Name, options/sub-options as needed, and Add to Cart.


We're currently using CE, but will be upgrading to 1.9.2 around the end of the month. Any thoughts on how to make this happen would be greatly appreciated.