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Defining Content Block

Defining Content Block

Hi All,

Just installed Magento CE 2.1.7 and the Luma theme. I am trying to modify the site and add new blocks, images,... There is a reference to class=block-promo (see the snippet below). Where can I change the value for the class attribute for the anchor? I want to change the womens-main to something else. Where this value is defined and new ones can be added?



<div class="blocks-promo">
    <a href="{{store url=""}}women.html" class="block-promo womens-main">
        <img src="{{media url="wysiwyg/womens/womens-main.jpg"}}" alt="" />
        <span class="content">
            <span class="info">New Luma Yoga Collection</span>
            <strong class="title">Yoga is ancient<br />Clothing shouldn’t be</strong>
            <span class="more button">Shop New Yoga</span>



Re: Defining Content Block

@mahle77, You can change your Women block content from Admin panel of magento 2.


Just log in to Magento admin panel,

Go to static block list from below way,

Click, Content -> Elements -> Block,

Click Women Block from list of static block.


Now You can edit the Women block as per your need.

Save Block.

Clear cache and you can see your changes in frontend.


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