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Different products per Customer Groups

Different products per Customer Groups

Hi guys had fwe questions and was wondering if someone can help out. Our store is basically for uniforms which does both retail and bulk (majorly for schools). We have 2 customer group, 1 normal pricing and product for generic users and other customer group is school (they get discounted prices and we give 1 username and password to each school which then pass it onto parents)


Need custom options per group -

1. No ability for the school users to edit or view account info (ie, change passwords/view order history): We only want them to be able to log in and order, everything else will be admin controlled. Basically reducing My Dashboard option for school customer group only. Generic one should have all the options.


2. School Users only have access to specific garments at specific prices: ie, users logged in on the XYZ School account only have access to uniforms with the XYZ tag, no other garments are visible for them.

3. Different checkout for school users: unique shipping options, field for student names, etc.


Is this possible? Happy to purchase any extension that might help.


Thanks in advance


Re: Different products per Customer Groups

Hi @Nishfatseo,


You will need a bunch of customizations.

Also, it will depend on the size of yoru catalog and how many schools to work with one approach or another.

For example: if the amount of products is low, maybe the multiwebsite configuration can help you (but if you will create a lot of websites and you'll use too many customers, maybe you'll find some issue).

Then, for customers dashboard/account you could use the customer groups to know which kind of customer is and then change some behavior.

If you work with this approach you should use the multiwebsite configuration (maybe).

If not, you should create some new attributes and rules to define which products can be shown for each school.

I believe you need to get more details to try to define a better approach.


(my 2 cents)

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