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Error in German translation on customer login page

Error in German translation on customer login page



I'm using Magento Community On the German (Deutch) login.php page there is a (default) type error, Benutzerkont should become Benutzerkonto, how can i correct this mistake in my shop?


Thank you


Re: Error in German translation on customer login page

You can able to change Benutzerkont to Benutzerkonto from translate.csv file from relevant language pack folder


Folder Path : 


and put your translated strings inside this translate.csv file.


Please check following steps:

1) German_LocalePack  folder path (Please create following translate.csv file with following folder path): 

app/design/frontend/<custom package>/<custom theme>/locale/de_DE/translate.csv 


Note : If folder is already exist, you no need to create that folder


2) Right click and open translate.csv from notepad or notepad++

3) Add following code :: "Benutzerkont","Benutzerkonto"

4) Save  the file

5) Flush the cache and check.




Here are some tips and tricks:

1. All strings should start and end with double quotes and should be separated with comma (,), not a semicolon or any other sign



Refer the following links: