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H2 Tag Adjustment

H2 Tag Adjustment


On all of my product pages, my H2 tags are 'Related Document' and 'More Views' - which is okay, but I want to make my 'Details' Tab an H2. I think this could be huge for my SEO footprint because I want Google to crawl the details of the products to see differences from product to product since a ton of my products are extremely similar. Look forward to hearing feedback.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 5.51.46 PM.png


You can see an example of a product page here:


Re: H2 Tag Adjustment

Ok I am going to throw an opinion out there, but bear with me it will BOOST your SEO tremendously.
This is VERY important - h2s are supposed to be used for logical reasons, not design reasons. They are sub-headings for your main heading. They are main places to place KEYWORDS for your SEO. Google rewards people who use logical character formatters like heading tags as such so using your h2s in this way actually right now (in the way you have been using them, or in the way you plan to) is NOT going to help your SEO at all. Actually it is HURTING it.
I have pages of empirical proof of this. So, just my opinion, I would not do it this way :-)
If you want more info just msg me - I won't hijack your thread :-)