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HELP: Small company needs a theme...

HELP: Small company needs a theme...

Hi All,

I’m looking for a premium theme but I can’t seem to find it. If anyone has seen a theme like one of the sites below and guide me the site to purcahse it, I would be greatly appreciated.

The style of theme is based around one-six total products. So the focus needs to be on photography and not “sections”. The theme, I’m looking for is perfect to be based around few products, here is the style that I'm looking for;

Notice the emphasis on photography, large clear, focus on the product!  There are plenty of companies like mine on KickStarter, Shopify, ETSY and IndieGoGo, so there is a has proven market for it, so I'm confident that someone has already made a theme like these.  A theme withOUT the various tons of options (distractions), that so many themes are built around, [As side note, I get those theses are perfect for “stores” with tons of products, categories, etc.]

I like how on Samurai, how the video plays and the movement when scrolling down through the sections.
On Bugaboo the flow, especially on the selected product page it offers a video section as part of the design.
On the Bugaboo site when you go to “customize”(order) your product how the product main image is front and center and alternative images are off to the side… again putting the focus on the product.

Anyone ever see a theme like this that is avilable?



Re: HELP: Small company needs a theme...

Hi @Stainless007

You could find something here

For example, this one 


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Re: HELP: Small company needs a theme...

Hi and thanks for the input!  Yes, I checked out TemplateMonster, RocketTheme and some others


As soon as you go from that gorgious home page you're led into the exact same old grid layout with more grids and a few tabs that offers more grids...  Checkout the product page on the bugaboo site;  Notice the core focus is on the product at hand and NOT cross sale, upsales, other catagories, more catagories options, associated products... ie. Grid grid gridsss.


That's the clean look that I'm going for.


Any other advise is greatly appreciated.

Re: HELP: Small company needs a theme...

Bump to see if anyone else has input...