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Help! Configurable product mass entry

Help! Configurable product mass entry

I am running Magento ver. and I have 100s of configurable products that each have 40-90 different configurations.  Is there a simple way to add all the simple products quickly other than quick create on the Associated products tab.  This can take hours creating 40-90 versions of one product.  4-5 different attributes with 2-6 different options per attribute.

2nd question is how do I set up "if and then" pricing. If attribute AA has a $20 increase for attribute B, but attribute AB has a $30 increase or the same attribute B.  It seems you can only set fixed pricing for each attribute option


Re: Help! Configurable product mass entry



There is Store Manager for Magento tool that allows you to generate all those configurations for simple products in basically 2 clicks. This is much easier than use quick create form.

Here is the article with video webinar of how to works in action -

You can use 14-day trial version from the link in my signature, it is fully-functional so you will be able to do it without limitations and fees.


As for the pricing, in Magento 1.x the price of associated simple products is being ignored and you can make price variations depending on attribute using super attributes tab of Associated Products (you can set fixed markup or percentage).

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

Re: Help! Configurable product mass entry

I use magmi importer - my configurable products have around 450 variations (5 types, 6 sizes, 2 sexes and up to 21 colours) so doing it manually is out of the question.

magmi takes a bit of getting used to and you'll spend a lot of time in excel, but once you get your head round it, it's very very good (and free)

magmi is here

i learnt about it thru - they have a tutorial and a customised install of magmi which I found invaluable and Certainly saved me a lot of time.

just take heed of potential security isseus with it (secure the magmi folder etc etc - google it, there is plenty of advice around)