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Home page product sorting


Home page product sorting

I can't find this specific thing on here.  Sorry if it is a repeat.

Installed Magento 1.9 on new dev server.  Installed Perfectum theme and using the New Dates on products to bring them to the home page.


Problem is, they will not sort as I want them to.  When the category is clicked, they show up in order there, but on home page I cannot find anyway to alter the sorting.  Theme maker says is a magento issue, it doesn't affect sorting at all.


File used on home page is app/design/frontend/default/perfectum/template/catalog/product/new.phtml


Any help will be most appreciated!



Re: Home page product sorting

solved myself - for any other looking and using the new.phtml file...

set "new from" date one date later for each product you want to be 2nd, 3rd etc from first.


only an issue because my theme uses new.phtml - doesn't apply when using others it seems.