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How can i change product landing page

How can i change product landing page

I need to redirect products landing page. when user click category, the page directly go to the products landing page not the thumbnail images of every products.


In my category only one products, so when i click category directly redirect to the product landing page, not thumbnail view of the products. 

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Re: How can i change product landing page

If you want the category link to go directly to a product page gather your category id and your product id then go to Category > URL rewrite 

Click Add url rewirte at top right

Choose custom from the drop down box

Fill in the form

ID Path                   category/42

Request Path       catalog/category/view/id/42 <---this is the current url for your category

Target Path            catalog/product/view/4042 <---this is what Magento will show you

then choose redirect     Permanent (301)


Hope that helps.