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How to change Font

How to change Font

Hello there.

I am using Magento and I want to change it's font in "rwd theme(madison island)". I couldn't figure it out  on sytles.css.


(The only reason I want to change the font is , there is a complication with Turkish language characters and all capital letters even in english version)


Re: How to change Font

Hi babybun,

If you dont want to use the Ralway font at all you can remove the reference to it from the page.xml file.




and remove this line:

<action method="addLinkRel"><rel>stylesheet</rel><href>//,400,500,700,600</href></action>


You should also then chenge the font-stack variable in the themes variables, this is located here:



Then find this variable

$f-stack-special: 'Raleway', 'Helvetica Neue', Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

and remove Raleway.

$f-stack-special: 'Helvetica Neue', Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

You will then need to recompile your CSS.

Hope that helps!

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