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How to create custom/new theme along with templates.

How to create custom/new theme along with templates.

Hello All, 


I followed everything as described in Document but still I am not able to get my custom theme up and running.


What I have done so far. 


1. Created theme folder and added all needed file such as theme.xml, registration.php, parent theme is blank.

2. It is showing in admin, I have selected  the theme.

3. in front end  it it showing basic luma theme, which I havent selected anywhere. 

4. Logo image is selected from admin side and selected from my theme folder so it is showing.

5. I need to have all templates coming from my theme folder so when there is any update it won't affect.


Question I have in mind


1. how can I put all those .phtml files which are creating header,footer or anything.

I already created a folder named Magento_Theme in my theme folder as Magento_Theme/templates/html/header.phtml

but this is not showing any changes, I added a text in header.phtml to confirm  but it never shows. 


2. I have seen the path from template hint and it says below




I copied paste the same on my theme which is like this

app/frontend/flo/fa/module-theme/view/frontend/templates/html/header.phtml [No luck]


I also tried
app/frontend/flo/fa/view/frontend/templates/html/header.phtml [No luck]


but still the path is coming from

vendor/magento/module-theme/view/frontend/templates/html/header.phtml [Why?, it should show from the theme folder right]


3. I need to change entire design from luma/blank to anything I want but where are my files? I dont want to in-herit, and if I do I need those header/footer files to come from my theme folder only. 


4. I have seen so many tutorials all claim to create custom theme so easily but no one is showing output[lol], so is there any link/tutorial which is showing step by step and the real output in the last?


5. Folder structure of any custom/newly created theme? 


I hope above all make sens. 


P.S: I downloaded the files from github, and it does not have default theme, I must be doing something wrong or this is normal. 


Advice/help appreciated.