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How to disable dropdown menus?

How to disable dropdown menus?



I bought a commercial theme here The developer is not responding and I need to disable the default dropdown menus. There is no clear way to do this in the Magento admin panel and no google searches I have used helped. It looks like I have to manually edit them out of the html files and I don't want to have to break compatibility with future versions of the theme. Another option is to buy a 3rd party dropdown menu extension but that doesn't seem right to me. Can anyone help me?


Re: How to disable dropdown menus?

Hi -- You can choose which categories appear in the main menu, and set the number of levels that appear in the top navigation from the Admin. To omit categories from the main menu, set "Include in Navigation Menu" to "No" for each category. Here are a few topics from the user guide:


Top Navigation

Category Levels

Creating Categories


Hope this helps!