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How to make magento homepage

How to make magento homepage

i have made a magento webiste, all thanks to magento forum members and there help.


now i have added products and categories but still the homepage isnt designed. Products wont appear on the homepage.

I dont understand whats wrong, i'm a wordpress user shifting to magento so facing issues,


Also let me know if magento is that complicated compared to wordpress?


Re: How to make magento homepage



Please take a look this user guide

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Re: How to make magento homepage



i searched in the documentation but found no solution. When i set up "2 columns with right bar" on the CMS -> pages -> home -> Design i have a sidebar with a block "compare products" and the demo poll (favorite color) but no content in the main column, only the welcome message. No top natigation or something (see here).

In the documentation it states:

"The main menu of your store displays the selection of categories that are available in your catalog" (here) but no.

In the static blocks section of the CMS menu there are only


so if i have to define a block for the menu, where does the "compare products" block come from?

Also on some pages of the documentation it says "On the Admin menu, select CMS > Pages > Manage Content.", there is no such menu in my admin panel...


So: where to get the top navigation menu?

Thanks in advance,


Re: How to make magento homepage

Everytime I seem to solve my problems shortly after i asked for help Smiley Frustrated


So the problem with the categories was that i set them up as root categories, not subcategories. Now thy show up ande there is a top navigation menu.


But still there is the question where the blocks like the "compare products" block, the  "new products" block,... ("The demo “Home” page includes a banner, an image carousel, several static blocks with links, and a list of new products. ") can be chosen/modified.