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I Want To Develop A Site Like This

I Want To Develop A Site Like This

I want to create my own website using this same sort of model but so far the developers I've talked to say it's going to cost quite a lot (one said +200 billable hours, another said around 30K), but from what I see this isn't that complicated a site. I'm wondering if there isn't something out-of-the-box that would just need a bit of tweaking?

The site was created with Ruby on Rails, but that's not a requirement for my site and so far all the input I've gotten says Magento is the way to go to give it the most functionality and is end-user friendly.





Re: I Want To Develop A Site Like This

Do you realize that just analysing what this site is about and mapping its functionality against Magento feature matrix will take somewhere between 2 to 4 hours, perhaps even more?

Tanel Raja