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Image resize

Image resize


I´m uploading a new banner in my page ( and once is uploaded, one of the elements of the image is visibly enlarged. Please refer to my webpage and take a look to the main banners. There´s one blue with an small doll. This doll once the banner is uploaded is visibly enlarged. Please let me know if you see a solution for this. I´d appreciate your help.

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Re: Image resize

Your CSS is causing this issue. The image you uploaded is 1400x500. You have a css attribute making the image width 100%, while height of the container is fixed at 499px. If you view this on a display wider than 1400px, it's going to stretch the image horizontally to fill the frame, which will change the image aspect ratio. Also, if the screen width is too narrow, it will crush the image horizontally.


The CSS will need some reworking to make it look right on all displays. Best alternative would be to make the frame height change relative to the image width.

Dan Lewis
Lead Technician - Fix'D