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Install "Ultimo" with demo content AND existing data


Install "Ultimo" with demo content AND existing data

Hi Folks,


I hope one of you has an answer to my problems I'm running into right now Smiley Happy

We got an old Magento 1.5 webshop, which is upgraded to 1.9.2 with a lot of efford Smiley Tongue


The look and feel of the old website needs to leave, so I'd like to use the Ultimo theme.

But .. I have 2 options here: 

1. Install Ultimo with all demo content (like static blocks and positions etc.) with our products categories intact. 

This is what I can't achieve in the first place, so every tip is welcome.

2. Install the ultimo quickstart package and afterwards an import of the categories and products

The problem here is, that I can't export the categories. I installed an extension what should give me the option to "Run" an export profile. Normally I should have that option on the left side of the screen, but I don't have that menu there (?)


Export dataflow - Left menu missing

What should I do? Is there a "best choice" ?

Many thanks in advance!


Re: Install "Ultimo" with demo content AND existing data



You might consider posting this on the Ultimo ThemeForest comments page.  The developers might be able to give you some insight.  In my communications with them, they have always been very responsive.


Best wishes!

Re: Install "Ultimo" with demo content AND existing data

Solved it myself Smiley Happy

Nah, myself? Of course by reading the manual again Smiley Tongue

In the backend there's an option to import Sample data, so I did...


Problem solved Smiley Very Happy